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Community Support

We believe in supporting the community that supports us. For each individual/family that Team Haigh Realty helps buy and/or sell, 5% of the company's net proceeds from that transaction go to one of the local organizations below in honor of our client(s.) Our clients (buyers and/or sellers) choose the organization to whom the donation is made. 

Which organization will you choose when we help you sell and/or buy? 

Calvary Children's Home
Our purpose is to provide a safe, loving, Christian environment for children needing placement apart from their families, where each child is given the opportunity to reach their full potential in their personal, emotional and spiritual life. Since the Home's beginning in 1966, we've had the privilege of offering a home to well over 400 children. Our goal is to provide them with opportunities that challenge and prepare them for life in a difficult and demanding society by showing love, acceptance, understanding and encouragement.

Cobb Pregnancy Services
Cobb Pregnancy Services is an Evangelical Christian non-profit organization that offers positive abortion alternatives to men and women who are experiencing unexpected pregnancies by providing them spiritual, emotional, and practical support. The volunteers and staff at Cobb Pregnancy Services genuinely care about the struggle of men and women dealing with unexpected pregnancies. We appreciate how powerless their circumstances make them feel. By providing the programs and services they need to alleviate stress and through compassionate and confidential counseling; women who are at risk for abortion find hope in their circumstances and are motivated to choose LIFE.

Cobb Street Ministries
Over forty years ago, Mrs. Carol and her husband, Cobb County Commissioner, Harvey Paschal, started Cobb Street Ministries to meet the needs of homeless women, hurting pregnant women and women with children. Hundreds, if not thousands, have passed through their doors. This ministry provides emergency shelter, housing, food, clothing, parenting classes, self-help classes, addiction programs, and professional counseling to those who reside on the ministry property and those with needs in the community. Each resident is also offered assistance in obtaining medical and legal assistance, if needed. Each resident has received – not only love and compassion – but structure and instruction. All of these elements together have successfully catapulted many of these dear folks back into society. We help to change what they are doing TODAY to get them closer to where they want to be TOMORROW.

Devereux Center
YOU can offer hope and healing to children where there is currently darkness and despair! By donating to Devereux Georgia, you will be helping to provide treatment and services to Georgia’s most damaged and troubled youth. Hundreds of children, from the ages of 10-21, receive behavioral healthcare treatment on our secure campus in Kennesaw each year. These children are suffering from severe emotional and behavioral challenges brought on by abuse, neglect, mental illness, sexual exploitation (human trafficking), or intellectual/development disabilities. Devereux Georgia’s treatment continuum includes a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (hospital), Specialty Foster Care program, community-based treatment programs, and an AdvancED-accredited school. With Devereux Georgia’s help, youth develop the competency and confidence to achieve once-unthinkable goals such as literacy, graduation from high school, or the acquisition of basic job readiness skills to become successful and productive members of our community. YOU can make a difference! YOU can change lives!

Georgia Police K9 Foundation          
Have you safely attended a concert, sporting event or other large venue event? Have you known of a missing or injured person who has been located and returned home to their loved ones? Chances are that everyone’s life has been impacted by a K9 officer in some manner because we ask these four-legged heroes to engage in situations most people would not dare. K9s not only assist in enforcing the laws by detecting illegal narcotics or engaging the most dangerous and violent offenders, they sweep for explosives, search for missing persons and even help detect bed bugs, diseased plants and currency, etc. Your support of GPK9F helps:

 - active K9 officers by ensuring proper training for these heroes and their handlers, providing critical gear (i.e. K9 ballistic vests, vehicle heat alarms, narcan kits, first aid/field kits) and assisting with medical costs not covered by their active duty department.  

 - retired K9 officers with medical expenses. Did you know the burden of medical expenses, even if service-related, are often borne by the handlers who adopt their K9 partners after their service is completed, not the department/agency the K9 officer served?

 - provide education and outreach about the importance of K9s and all they do for our communities. 

Thank you for your donation! Together we are assisting active and retired law enforcement K9s to create safer communities. 
*Although Georgia Police K9 Foundation (GPK9F) is a statewide foundation, donations made by Team Haigh will remain in our community to help OUR K9 teams.

Sweetwater Mission
Sweetwater Mission, Georgia’s largest distributing food pantry, was founded in 1968 to assist clients in overcoming the barriers commonly associated with poverty and long-term unemployment to help them transition to self-sufficiency. Sweetwater Mission has a client-choice supermarket that averages over 1 million pounds of food distributed annually: twenty (20%) percent of that is fresh fruits and vegetables. We also offer baked goods, meats and dairy products, in addition to dry and canned goods. Sweetwater Mission has a clothing closet that averages more than 100,000 items of clothing distributed annually, including approximately 2,000 coats annually with our Warm Hearts for Warm Coats program. Sweetwater Mission is the lead agency in Cobb and Douglas for the United Way Kids Home program and offers financial aid through partnerships with social workers, family coaching and support services, assistance with food stamps and Medicaid applications, work training and life skills programs, with a unique social enterprise for individuals who have experienced chronic homelessness and live with disabilities. Sweetwater Mission receives no government funding and relies solely on support of the local community to offer our services. We have a small staff and budget, but effectively serve a family every 2.5 minutes during our service hours Monday through Saturday 9:00am - 12:30pm. We welcome you to come tour our facility to learn more. Thank you for supporting Sweetwater Mission to help us stabilize families and transform lives.


Reflections of Trinity / Team 58 Food Pantry

Can you imagine having to decide the choice between paying the light bill or buying food?  Deciding between buying needed medication or buying groceries? Food insecurity is the new norm for many of our neighbors. An estimated 755,400 people in Atlanta and North Georgia feed themselves/their families through food pantries and meal programs each year. Of those who are food insecure, children of working families and senior citizens comprise the most affected.  Reflections of Trinity / Team 58 Food Pantry has been serving the food insecure since January 2012 and currently distributes over 23,000 pounds of groceries every Saturday. Seventy (70%) percent of our clientele are children and senior citizens. For the cost of an average lunch date, YOU can feed a child or senior for a month! We invite you to donate and help bridge the food gap.

WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR A LOCAL VETERAN'S ORGANIZATION - Do you know of a local organization that helps veteran entrepreneurs and/or helps veterans and their families address emotional, mental & physical needs to transition into "civilian citizens" again?